Tax compliance and accounting

Every business is subject to tax burdens that vary over time: specific skills, real time updates and constant monitoring of the company's tax situation are necessary.

  • We assist you in tax planning;
  • We provide you with opinions for the correct interpretation and application of tax regulations;
  • We are at your side with specific assistance in tax assessment and legal assistance in tax litigation;
  • We draft tax due diligence for you: investigation and in-depth study of data and information related to the subject of a negotiation.

Accounting books and records provide a consistent and truthful picture of business events thus ensuring structure, transparency and consistency of financial statements.
The basis of good accounting services are provided by technical expertise and timely updates.

  • We can handle your accounting records directly;
  • we can assist you with control of internally developed accounting at your company;
  • We prepare ordinary, interim and consolidated financial statements for you;
  • we specialize in statutory auditing, including taking on the functions of auditor and auditor;
  • We perform audits, reviews and accounting due diligence for you.