Business crisis management

We analyze the economic and financial status of distressed enterprises and assist individuals for the purpose of their debt relief.

  • We structure custom made systems of business analysis, management control, cost control systems, and directional reporting to prevent or emerge from crisis;
  • we accompany you in devising and formalizing your business rebalancing plans, with financial and debt sustainability analyses;
  • We perform economic and financial check-ups;
  • We provide assistance to companies in economic and financial crisis;
  • Should the need arise, we can help you with debt consolidation and the drafting of recovery plans;
  • We also provide sworn surveys and the planning and filing of judicial and out-of-court arrangements with creditors and other new procedures introduced by the "Code of Business Crisis and Insolvency."
  • We are particularly engaged in the field of debt relief (ex lege 3/2021) of over-indebted individuals;
  • We can assist you with the liquidation and dissolution in bonis of companies and enterprises on your behalf;
  • where required we can take on duties as liquidator or administrator of your companies.