Financial and management consulting

We provide a full range of tailored professional services, support the development of investment plans and increase the value of projects by helping companies grow, become stronger and more competitive in the market.

  • We provide you with surveys and evaluations of businesses, companies and holdings;
  • We can collaborate in research and analysis of funding;
  • We can accompany you for projects to manage and promote corporate social responsibility;
  • We assist you in drafting ESG reporting and corporate sustainability reports;
  • We do budgeting, cost and cash flow analysis on your behalf;
  • We give answers to your planning needs by drafting economic, capital and financial budgets;
  • we can provide you with efficient control dashboard, processed through Artificial Intelligence, giving you assistance in developing cost control systems;
  • We facilitate your access to subsidized finance (obtaining grants, subsidized investments and participation in calls for tenders);
  • we are at your side in handling corporate governance issues (corporate reorganization, management of generational transition, shareholder relations, shareholders' agreements, monitoring the performance of directors and managers);
  • We draft and update Organizational Models under Legislative Decree 231/2001.