A story of growth

Deep roots for sustainable development

Ours is a story of passion for work that finds its origins over 60 years ago in the Veneto region and comes, today, to expand throughout much of Central and Northern Italy.

The name Integré best expresses the core values of our company: to integrate, to complement each other. Sharing, specialization and mutual help allow us to support clients in their daily challenges, supporting them in every moment of their entrepreneurial journey.

We are a Benefit Company because we believe that the future must be built by acting responsibly, for the good of all: companies, people and the environment. Integré, moreover, was born a Benefit Company to develop and promote corporate social and environmental responsibility.

We look optimistically toward the future: our goal is to expand the territorial coverage of the group and, above all, to make available to our clients specialized and transversal professionalism and skills, capable of assisting and supporting small and large companies and their needs quickly and efficiently.